Lifestyle Management company
Lifestyle Management company
Holistic Fitness with Physical & Behavioural Coaching
Holistic Fitness with Physical & Behavioural Coaching
That Lifestyle Coach (TLC)

That Lifestyle Coach (TLC) is Goa’s first and largest portal for fitness where physical transformations are organic and self-sustaining. Their vision is to coach people to adopt a healthy lifestyle by making appropriate mental and physical choices, so that it sustains them throughout their lives.

TLC is the brainchild of Ashwyn Michael Barreto who has the support of his valuable, dedicated and efficient team members. Ashwyn’s team is trained in strength building, callisthenics, Yoga, HIIT, nutrition and behavioural coaching - a well rounded health and fitness ecosystem capable of instigating transformations for life.

The aim of TLC is beyond muscle gain and weight loss. We provide research-based, multidimensional lifestyle management which will take care of your nutrition, your physical endurance and work on building your mental resilience too. Your fitness will be inside out and sustainable.

  • Team of 9 internationally certified and experienced trainers
  • 4+ years of experience
  • 5000 + individual, group and corporate clients trained
  • Fitness through different forms - HIIT, Yoga, Strength and Endurance
  • Gym-based Corporate Wellness Program designed for Delhivery, Bangalore.
  • Creators of a unique ecosystem to tackle lifestyle issues and help people adapt to a new & healthy living.
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₹ 4000 for complete course | One-time Payment | For 4 Weeks course

₹ 4000
Why choose us
Why choose us
Why choose us
Internationally Certified & Experienced Trainers
Team of 9 coaches with experience in all aspects of fitness
Why choose us
Holistic Transformation
Our workouts take care of physical fitness, diet and mental toughness
Why choose us
Personalised and Scalable Programs
Your goals, body fitness level, eating habits and more, shape a truly personalised regimen
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years of experience
experienced trainers